Hello! Welcome to our second audio lesson! Today I’m going to explain the difference between BE USED TO y GET USED TO which are used to express something that we’re accustomed or getting accustomed to.

For example, “I have lived in Madrid for many years so I am used to the noise of the capital”. This means that the noise of the busy city isn’t already new for you and you take it easy. One more example: My timetable has changed, so I have to get used to working night shifts. This means some new changes have appeared in your life, and you have to accept them and get used to them. By the way, both structures take the gerund form of the verb if we mean to use a verb after them like in the second example. Got it?

Listen to the lesson to know more details. Hope it will be useful for you. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and questions below.

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Good luck! Bye!

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